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Aegis Awarded US Patent for Stable “Shirt-Pocket” Insulin Suitable for Metered Nasal Spray or Injection

SAN DIEGO, CA July 8, 2014/MarketWired– Aegis Therapeutics LLC announced today that it has been awarded its U.S. Patent No. 8,772,231 providing dramatically stabilized insulin formulations suitable for metered nasal spray delivery or injection based upon Aegis’ patented Intravail® transmucosal absorption enhancer and ProTek® protein stabilization technologies. While current insulin formulations denature in less than […]

First Non-Injectable Octreotide Available for License

Aegis Offers Exclusive License for Patented Octreotide Metered Nasal Spray San Diego, CA – July 2, 2014 – Aegis announced today that it is offering an exclusive license to develop, commercialize, and sell its patented non-invasive octreotide metered nasal spray. Octreotide is a cyclic octapeptide indicated to reduce blood levels of growth hormone and IGF-I […]

Aegis to Present Intravail® Non-Invasive Drug Delivery and ProTek® Peptide/Protein Stabilization Technology at the 2014 BIO International Convention

SAN DIEGO, CA June 2, 2014 — Aegis Therapeutics LLC will present its Intravail® non-invasive drug delivery technology and its ProTek® protein stabilization technology at the 2014 BIO International Convention in San Diego, taking place June 23- 26, 2014. Aegis Therapeutics is a drug delivery technology company commercializing its patented drug delivery and drug formulation […]

Aegis Micronized Formulation Patent Extends Intravail® Scope of Use to Poorly Soluble Drugs

SAN DIEGO, CA May 27, 2014 — Aegis Therapeutics LLC announced today that it has been awarded U.S. Patent No. 8,530,463 extending the use of its Intravail®  transmucosal absorption enhancement technology to poorly soluble drugs. Formulation of micronized drug nanoparticles in combination with Aegis’ Intravail® alkyl saccharide transmucosal absorption enhancers permits substantially higher doses of […]

Aegis Intravail® Technology Enhances Oral Bioavailability of Tableted OTC Drugs

SAN DIEGO, CA March 12, 2014/MarketWire– Aegis Therapeutics LLC’s Intravail® technology has been successfully formulated with phenylephrine in compressed tablets, dramatically improving oral bioavailability by more than 50%.  This is the first application of Intravail® in a solid dosage form. The Intravail formulation is compatible with current tableting processes employed for OTC and prescription drugs […]

Aegis Awarded Its First Patent for Oral Delivery of Nucleotide-Based Drugs with High Bioavailability

SAN DIEGO, CA February 5, 2014/MarketWire– Aegis Therapeutics LLC announced today that it has been awarded its first patent for oral delivery of nucleotide analog based drugs based upon Aegis’ patented Intravail® transmucosal absorption enhancer technology.   U.S. Patent No. 8,642,564 provides methods for oral delivery of nucleotide-oligomer analogs including anti-sense and RNA interference drugs.  Such […]

Aegis Therapeutics Celebrates 10th Anniversary

SAN DIEGO, CA October 28, 2013 — Aegis Therapeutics LLC is proud to announce it is celebrating its 10-year anniversary on October 31, 2013. Aegis was founded by a renowned group of successful biotech entrepreneurs from the San Diego area to commercialize proprietary technologies that solve some of the most pressing drug delivery problems for […]

Aegis Awarded Its First Patent for Non-Invasive Delivery of a Protein Drug to the Central Nervous System (CNS)

SAN DIEGO, CA October 9, 2013/MarketWired– Aegis Therapeutics LLC announced today that it has been awarded its first patent for non-invasive delivery of a protein drug to the central nervous system  (CNS).   U.S. Patent No. 8,551,468 provides drug compositions for non-invasive direct delivery of stabilized beta-interferon to the central nervous system via a simple metered […]

Aegis Technologies Providing Rapid Development of Super Generics

SAN DIEGO, CA September 4, 2013/PR Newswire – Two “super generic” drugs utilizing Aegis Therapeutics Intravail technology for treatment of migraine headaches and seizures are rapidly advancing through clinical trials under the FDA’s 505(b)2 pathway. Rapid relief of certain medical conditions is dependent upon early establishment of therapeutic blood levels of drug. Examples include drugs […]

Aegis Awarded 3rd Patent for Fast Acting Migraine Nasal Spray Treatment

Aegis’ Intravail® formulation of sumatriptan achieves therapeutic drug levels in approximately 2 to 3 minutes SAN DIEGO, CA Aug 13, 2013 — Aegis Therapeutics LLC announced today that it has been awarded a third patent for fast acting formulations of triptans, a widely used class of drugs including sumatriptan, zolmitriptan, naratriptan, rizatriptan, eletriptan, almotriptan and […]