Business Development

Aegis’ partners for its Intravail® ProTek® and Aegis Hydrogel® technologies include some of the world’s premier pharmaceutical, biotech and academic institutions. Here is a partial list of those partners.





Feasibility Studies – Research License and Standstill Agreement

Potential Intravail® ProTek® or Aegis Hydrogel® licensees can reserve drug-specific applications of Aegis’ Intravail® transmucosal delivery technology, Aegis’ ProTek® peptide and protein stabilization technology or Aegis Hydrogel® technologies and “test drive” any or all of these technologies under a simple and convenient Research License and Standstill Agreement. Feasibility studies conducted under these agreements allow our partners to rapidly evaluate the applicability of our technologies for specific API’s. Under these agreements, Aegis provides GMP excipient(s), initial formulation advice, and access to the extensive safety and toxicity data available in our Drug Master Files for each excipient. The terms of these agreements are tailored to the specific nature and time required to complete the feasibility studies. Studies have been conducted both “in house” by our partners or at external Contract Research Organizations. Upon meeting the licensee’s success criteria the programs can quickly progress into further development under a pre-negotiated Commercialization License Agreement.

Collaborative Agreements

These relationships are usually an outgrowth of our feasibility studies where both parties agree there is value and decide to move the program forward collaboratively. The structure of these relationships and partner’s contributions can vary depending on the capabilities and business goals of each organization.

Licensing Aegis’s Proprietary Programs

Aegis has developed its own internal programs that generate novel therapeutics based on our patented Intravail® drug delivery technology. These programs are at various stages of development and are available for partnering directly from Aegis.