Aegis Therapeutics’ Intravail® Drug Delivery Technology Gaining Acceptance

San Diego, CA – August 1, 2005 – Aegis Therapeutics today announced that it has entered into a licensing agreement for its patented Intravail™ drug delivery technology for application to several undisclosed pediatric therapeutics being developed by an unnamed partner. In June 2005, Aegis announced the expansion of its earlier licensing agreement with Intranasal Technologies Inc., to include beta-interferon and low molecular weight heparin and has since initiated feasibility studies on a growing number of additional peptide and protein therapeutics for several pharmaceutical clients.

Aegis’ Intravail™ technology allows intranasal delivery of peptide and protein therapeutics that are otherwise deliverable only by injection and speeds the onset of action of small molecule drugs as well. Since licensing, exclusively, the original patented Intravail™ technology for transmucosal delivery of drugs developed at the University of Alabama Medical Center in Birmingham, Aegis has filed more than a half dozen additional patent applications to significantly expand the scope and geographic coverage of its claims.

“Intravail™ will eliminate the need for injections, once and for all, for a number of key therapeutics important to pediatric medicine,” said Donald Grimm, Aegis’ Executive Chairman, Director of Hamilton BioVentures, and former senior Eli Lilly pharmaceutical executive. “Patient comfort, ease of use, and acceptance, are key to long-term compliance and effective medical treatment in adults and children alike.” Grimm further commented: “This agreement not only underscores our commitment to helping physicians and patients achieve these ends in pediatric medicine, but is also an important step in achieving our goal of broadly enabling intranasal delivery of peptide and protein therapeutics for many companies across the entire pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical spectrum.”

About Aegis Therapeutics

Aegis Therapeutics LLC is a specialty pharmaceutical company commercializing its patented Intravail™ drug delivery technology that enables the non-invasive delivery of a broad range of protein, peptide and non-peptide macromolecular therapeutics that can currently only be administered by injection. Aegis’ Intravail™ absorption enhancement agents are mild and non-irritating to mucosal membranes.  They provide exceptionally high and unmatched bioavailability performance, comparable in efficiency to subcutaneous injection, via the intranasal and other mucosal membrane administration routes.  Intravail™ also provides for rapid drug absorption and onset of action, controlled transient permeation of the nasal mucosal barrier, avoidance of gastric hydrolysis and “first pass effect” elimination by the liver, greater patient convenience and compliance, elimination of needle-stick injuries and associated transmission of blood borne pathogens, compatibility with current nasal delivery devices, and ease of formulation, scale-up, and production. For more information about Aegis, please visit the Aegis website at: htpp://