Yearly Archives: 2006

Aegis Therapeutics to Present at the “2nd Modern Drug Discovery & Development Summit” in Philadelphia in December 2006

SAN DIEGO, CA November 16, 2006/MarketWire/– Aegis Therapeutics, a leader in intranasal drug delivery, will present a talk entitled: “High-Efficiency Transmucosal Delivery of Peptide and Protein Therapeutics” at the 2nd Modern Drug Discovery & Development Summit presented by GTCbio.  Dr. Edward T. Maggio, President and CEO of Aegis, will describe the application of Aegis’ Intravail™ […]

Aegis’ Intravail® Technology Provides Effective Oral Delivery of Anti-Sense Drugs in Primates

SAN DIEGO, CA November 15, 2006/MarketWire/– Aegis Therapeutics, a drug delivery technology company providing exceptionally high and unmatched bioavailability for  non-invasive intranasal and transmucosal delivery of peptide, protein and other macromolecular drugs, today announced the results of a collaborative study confirming the effectiveness of its Intravail® transmucosal absorption enhancement agents in oral delivery of anti-sense […]

Aegis Therapeutics’ ProTek™ Formulation Technology Increases Stability and Reduces Immunogenicity of Protein and Peptide Therapeutics

SAN DIEGO, CA July 10, 2006/BusinessWire/– Aegis Therapeutics announces the availability for product-specific licensure of its proprietary ProTek™ formulation technology employing proprietary non-toxic excipients that maintain physical stability and physiological activity of protein and peptide therapeutics.  ProTek™ permits the generation of easily manufacturable homogeneous and stable aqueous or lyophilized dosage forms of peptide and protein […]